We help organizations address global needs and business challenges by applying advanced machine learning

Identifying ML potential

Do you wonder what machine learning can do for you? During a (free) one hour meeting, viable business cases are identified.

See it work

We define a solution for the most promising business case, all data-related issues are identified and an initial machine learning model is trained in order to gain insight.

Start using our solutions

ML2Grow finances the development cost and charges a maintenance fee for the ML cloud service which integrates in your workflow.

Adopting the potential of machine learning

The world is embracing the power of machine learning for automation in all sectors, at a fast pace. Do not stay behind and be part of this revolution assisted by the experts of ML2Grow. Our in-depth knowledge of machine learning and our customer-oriented solutions makes us the best partner to discover and unlock the potential in your company.

Machine Learning in your project?

Latest news

Ready to join our team?

Following the steep growth we experienced over the past months, ML2Grow is looking for a new teamplayer to become part of our story!

  • Joachim van der Herten
  • 28 Nov 2017

Deploying a private package repository on Google App Engine

ML2Grow developers release an open source project for setting up a private package repository on Google cloud

  • Joachim van der Herten
  • 21 Nov 2017