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Latest news

It’s a match! ML2Grow welcomes three new colleagues

We were able to welcome no less than three new colleagues in October! Anton arrived as software engineer after he did his master's thesis with Joeri. Julie and Mike are complete...

  • Julie Derumeaux
  • 13 Dec 2018

Introducing μDatastore, an ODM for Google Cloud Datastore

ML2Grow releases an open source Object-Document Mapper framework for use with the Google Cloud Datastore.

  • Anton Van Moere
  • 21 Nov 2018

ML2Grow is deploying machine learning at the Port of Antwerp to enable 8-hour lookahead capacity planning

There is a worldwide growth of shipping traffic challenges, planning routines and systems in large trading hubs, such as the Port of Antwerp. CVBA Brabo -a company with a long h...

  • Mike Vanderroost
  • 5 Nov 2018