Customer Churn Prediction

Expanding your customer base requires a large investment from your company through advertisements and representatives. This is going well and profits are coming in, but how do you deal with customers who drop out or suddenly stop ordering? Early detection offers you the opportunity to stimulate the customer, for example through a personal offer.

Detecting customers who are about to leave but who have not yet finalized their decision is the purpose of churn prediction.

Customer churn prediction is a complex problem: customers are diverse, interact with your company in different ways and can have different reasons to stop the cooperation.

ML2Grow uses advanced machine learning techniques to solve this problem. Based on hidden relationships between different customers and their behavior, an accurate risk profile can be drawn up for each customer from limited data, such as a list of transactions. The following features characterize the solution of ML2Grow:

  • Tailored to your needs: we develop our solution in coordination with your company and its experts
  • Ability to handle thousands of customers and products.
  • Self-learning: new information is continuously used to refine the system.