Brabo: Capacity prediction and resource shortage early warning system

The Port of Antwerp is a world in itself. Very few outsiders know what really goes on in Europe’s second largest port. Everyone is familiar with the classic picture of ships coming and going to load and unload goods. Making this possible requires numerous players, each forming an essential link in the nautical chain in the port area: from locksmen, bridge operators, tug crews and shipping coordinators to pilots and boatmen.

The safe piloting, mooring and unmooring of ships is Brabo’s core business.

Short description:

  • The Port of Antwerp is the 2nd largest seaport in Europe
  • Brabo trains and provides pilots to service every incoming and outgoing ship

Work performed:

  • Predictive machine learning models that capture uncertainties in the planning

Added value:

  • Capture the planning horizon up to 8 hours
  • Avoid expensive capacity shortages
  • Reliable simulations of personnel assignments and alternative scenarios