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AI in practice

The promises of artificial intelligence are impressive: when employed adequately, AI can make production processes leaner and faster and organisations more efficient. As the AI Revolution gains speed, more and more organisations are looking to hop on the wagon and implement AI technologies or increase the number of existing AI applications. But what exactly is already possible? How far do some of the leading companies in Flanders stand concerning AI?

Perhaps you are curious to hear first-hand how companies deal with AI-related challenges and opportunities. Or you would like to hear the stories of AI professionals to get a clearer idea of what is possible today and what is not. In this series of inspirational talks, you will be offered a glimpse behind the scenes of leading companies and their current AI projects.

Unlocking the next wave of intelligent devices

Running AI processes on individual devices rather than in the cloud eliminates many privacy & GDPR, cybersecurity and hosting issues. When combining the edge with the power of efficient computer vision models, many new opportunities for AI emerge that previously were impossible. Kevin D’Hooge will discuss the challenges that need to be overcome to bring computer vision to the edge; equipment cost, limited computing power, privacy by design, etc.


Join me in this interactive online webinar series to explain how ML2Grow put AI into practice.
—  Kevin D'hooge - AI catalyst

Target Audience

The webinars are open to professionals with basic technological backgrounds, looking for inspiration on how to deploy artificial intelligence in their own organisations.

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