What we do

  • Services and Consultancy in AI, Data Engineering and Software

    You won't find anyone more experienced and knowledgeable then us

    ML2Grow was founded by AI pioneers who helped pushed the technology to what it can do today. As a company, we continuously invest in adopting the latest technology and share our experience with the next generation of consultants. In need of knowledge and expertise? We offer experts and services in AI, data engineering and software development.

  • Hosting and Private Cloud Solutions

    Reliable, affordable and local infrastructure

    We offer scalable computational resources based on your needs. Take back control of where your data stored and embrace the flexibility to customize your computational resources. We handle the complexities of setup, maintenance, and support, allowing you to focus on scaling your operations.

  • Powerful AI tools and Data Platforms

    We can automate your automation process

    Based on more than 100 custom developments in computer vision and NLP, we have invested in the creation of powerful platforms to bootstrap developments and retain control over data and AI iniatives.

Our clients


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