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Leverage the power of our AI platform optimized for stakeholder management

Introducing AI technology in your organization can appear challenging at first, yet the reward is definitely worth it.

ML2Grow has close to ten years of experience in developing, integrating and maintaining data-driven solutions. Over these years, we have brought our experience together in a unique AI platform which will drastically reduce the development costs and increase the chance that your AI solution is adopted successfully.

Key functionalities which will contribute to your success:

  • Keep track of the progress and state of all AI projects which are being developed or have been deployed.
  • Full user, group and organizational management and security support.
  • Upload and harmonize new data related to the project. With support for special data types such as images and text.
  • Assign annotation, enrichment or other tasks to individuals or third parties via a job designation system.
  • Visualization of performance, training results and accuracy.
  • Full MLOps integration, experiment tracking and model performance monitoring
  • Continuously adding more features and evolving with industry standard


Unique about our platform is that it acknowledges that AI technology, more than any other technology, relies on aligning a diverse and large group of specialists.

With this in mind, it’s the first AI platform designed specifically to engage and enable all stakeholders.

AI Computer Vision Technology

ML2Grow’s Computer Vision Edge Device & Camera Expertise

AI-powered computer vision technology has matured in the last decade to become a powerful tool in quality inspection, automated sorting and other application area’s. Gathering images or video in a quality way is always the first crucial step in any computer vision project. ML2Grow’s has designed powerful edge devices to easily get you started.  Our devices can easily be integrated in any production environment and capture image data autonomously, allowing you to create a first dataset without the need to intervene in the current process or machinery in place.

Based on your specific use-case, our experts will select a suitable camera and lens, thus making sure your set-up is both technically and economically optimized to scale.

ML2Grow’s AI Vision platform

In addition to offering you the best hardware to get started, ML2Grow has also created a powerful AI software platform to create, deploy and monitor intelligent vision technology. The platform’s acknowledges that the key to success in many computer vision projects is achieving a clear and efficient collaboration between all involved partners. The platform is able to facilitate this by offering the following key functionality to the different roles involved in the project:

  • Project and Innovation Managers: listing of executed tasks, results and achieved performance.
  • Machine learning engineers: history of technical configurations, trained models and available data
  • Operators or personnel involved in raw data generation: add new data, assign tasks and start automatic retraining or pre-annotation
  • Annotators: Perform labeling and automatic tracking of labeling metrics, progress and speed.

In our platform, an annotator tool is present which offers all functionality to perform labeling tasks. In addition, specialized features are available, such as the ability to label point cloud data (3D) as well as perform pre-annotation by trained models.

The platform can easily be extended with custom functionality depending on the use-case at hand.

For many use cases, we also offer labeling services via trusted third parties.

Natural Language Processing

A unique platform which provides you with easy access to powerful text-based AI models

Natural Language Processing is the branch of AI which focuses on giving computers the ability to understand text and spoken words in much the same way human beings can. Recently, the world was taken by surprise how far this technology has come along with the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI.  ML2Grow has been at the forefront of NLP innovation since she was founded.

In 2019, ML2Grow partnered with VRT Innovation, Roularta Media Group and imec, to form the NEWSTapas consortium, which developed tools and technology for news content providers to automatically adapt personalized items considering the user’s profile and context (device, time-of-day, location, etc.).  The consortium’s effort was supported by the prestigious Google Digital News Innovation Fund. ML2Grow was able to develop powerful AI personalization algorithms, using feedback from news consumers using a pilot app.

In 2021, ML2Grow further expanded its NLP know-how and IP by participating in the imec.icon research project Trendify, partnering with Roularta Media Group, imec, VUB and YesItCan.be. The project team included the expertise of (social) media fact-checker expert Maarten Schenk, co-founder of LeadStories.com, a leading fact-checking firm. In Trendify, novel topic modelling algorithms were researched and developed, which allow journaliststo track high-level trends in digital data streams.

In 2023, ML2Grow started to develop novel summarization and tone-of-voice adaptation technology for the media sector. For this, we partnered with Roularta Media Group, VRT and Mediahuis in the MediaDigest consortium which received funding from the Flemish government, as part of the digital transformation program for the Flemish media sector.

By participating in these research programs, ML2Grow has created its own state-of-the-art models and algorithms, which we offer in our NLP platform.

Furthermore, ML2Grow also performed several projects in NLP for the private and public sector. In 2022, we were awarded the execution of the ‘Slimme Regelgeving’ project by ABB (Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur).


ML2Grow doesn't just make prototypes; they implement the AI ​​in our production, in our sales, so that we can grow.
—  Bruno Derumeaux, Director Annabel Textiles
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