Beyond the hype: a roadmap to your AI solution

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If you are interested in implementing an AI solution into your organisation or business, we wrote an extensive roadmap explaining every step of implementing AI successfully. We will be your sherpa in showing the pitfalls and shortcuts to the top of the mountain.

Let us show a preview of the first and probably the most important step, the idea phase.

Focus on the problem rather than the solution.

The idea phase focuses on the problem and not on the solution. By thoroughly defining the problem and informing yourself, an idea for a possible AI solution is born. Nowadays, instead of the AI technology itself, the idea poses the real challenge: the more powerful the idea, the more effective the AI solution.

In the first step of the idea phase, it is crucial to describe the problem the AI solution should tackle. Wait to be tempted to propose solutions, but define the problem in all its aspects. This is an exercise that is often too easily overlooked. That is why we make it the fundament of our work dynamic.

Why has the problem not been tackled yet?

As the problem is clearly described in step 1 of the idea phase, it is straightforward to look into why the problem has not been tackled before. Maybe a solution exists, but this solution is too expensive. Or perhaps it is simply impossible to solve the problem technically? The problem could be too dynamic, only solvable by an intensive-care solution needing constant monitoring and adaptations. Maybe there are only limited resources to tackle the problem. Identifying these surrounding problems is critical to decide if and how to proceed in the AI solution development process.

How can AI help?

In the last step of the idea phase, criteria for using AI as a solution should be proposed. Perhaps you were inspired by a similar solution elsewhere? Or the problem has a repetitive nature and can easily be automated.

Ask yourself these questions: If you had this perfect AI solution, would it indeed benefit your company? Is AI the way to go? What would you do differently if you had this AI solution?

At the end of this process, you understand the problem and have a realistic image of what AI can offer you. 

Interested to read more? Download our AI roadmap and discover the data, notebook and implementation phase with tips and tricks.



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