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Are you interested in ML2Grow? We’re always looking for talented people. Instead of showing you a list of desired qualifications, education or personality traits, we want you to read a summary of our core values.

Since 2018, we are showing the world what a positive impact artificial intelligence can have on our lives and businesses.
ML2Grow is a place where incredibly talented individuals work together towards this goal in a relaxed environment based on in-depth expertise and creativity.


We are working in a completely new field, pioneering novel use-cases of technology. That’s already a tough challenge, so we try to create and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while we are at it. We’re in this together, so let’s have each other back.

Be clear and honest

We don’t surf on the AI hype wave, be the one who creates the waves. We want to be honest and clear to our customers, don’t overpromise or confound customers with buzzwords.

Be the best

Just because we believe in you. Doesn’t matter which background you have. If you are passionate and a hard worker,

Think business

Don’t do AI for the sake of AI. Always (re)evaluate the impact of the technical solution on the business problem.

Be creative

Rely on our broad expertise and experience to think of the best solution for the problem, not the best problem of our solution. Tailor-made machine learning is key to success.

Succeed together

AI is multidisciplinary where all kinds of expertise come together to reach the goal. Work together with colleagues as a team with trust and respect.


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