How ML can improve your business operations

What can machine learning do for your company? ML2Grow has a lot of experience applying machine learning solutions in various sectors.

What is the impact of Machine Learning?

An ever-growing volume of available data,  processing and storage of data that is becoming increasingly cheaper and technology that is becoming smarter and smarter. All these evolutions make it possible to quickly and automatically design models that can analyze more complex data and produce more accurate results – even on a very large scale. By building precise models, an organization can seize profitable opportunities – and avoid risks.

We have blogged in a previous post about the different types of machine learning, but what can machine learning do for your company? ML2Grow has a lot of experience applying machine learning solutions in different sectors. Below we list concrete examples from various sectors in which our innovative solutions take companies to the next level.


Maritime industry

The transport of goods by water is a world in itself. Everyone knows the classic image of ships coming and going to load and unload goods. To make this possible, numerous players are invited, each of whom is an indispensable link in the nautical chain. From lockkeepers, bridge men, tugboat crews, and ship coordinators to pilots and boatmen. The coordination of the chain is an enormous challenge. Planning all these moving links is a hell of a job. Using Machine learning, we activate data to provide much-needed information to the players within this ecosystem. For example, our models currently predict the pilot time of ships or assist in planning personnel and resources over time.

With small AI operations, ML2Grow has introduced major changes in the nautical chain. At Brabo, which takes care of the pilotage of ships in the port of Antwerp, we proved with our models that capacity problems could be predicted up to 8 hours earlier. A huge difference in the second largest port in Europe, Antwerp.

Media and Journalism

Digitization has turned the world into a village, but this also means that news is picked up and distributed much faster than before. This makes it increasingly difficult for the reader to digest the news. Machine Learning helps us adapt the content to the user’s interests and serve the reader according to the current context. For example, our technology ‘NewsTapas’ can automatically adjust the layout of news items according to the time of day and location or the time the user has available to read the article.


The retail sector is one of machine learning technology’s first and most successful users. ML2Grow is experienced in developing solutions such as recommendation systems, expiry predictors and inventory management tools.

Machine learning can recommend items to website visitors based on previous purchases. The purchase history can be analyzed automatically so that retailers can personalize the shopping experience based on this data. Marketing campaigns and prices can be optimized. Scheduling the delivery of goods can be done well in advance. And with churn prediction, you can predict when customers drop out.

Read more about how we helped our customer  HLS with a churn prediction platform.

Health care

Machine learning is a fast-growing trend in healthcare, thanks to the advent of portable devices and sensors that can use data to improve a patient’s health in real time. Machine learning is a tool for early diagnosis.

ML2Grow has a long history in the health sector. Our experts have developed prediction algorithms for use at the ICU and computational tools for analysing medical data. We want to continue to use our domain knowledge in this sector to create a real social impact, such as with the PROTEGO project.


The high-tech industry uses the latest advanced technologies to disrupt traditional sectors. With ML2Grow’s solid academic foundation, we are the ideal partner to combine these new technologies with innovative machine learning solutions.

Read more about how we contributed to the creation of truly intelligent businesses by optimizing 3D printing or how we optimize crop yield in ‘urban farms’ in cooperation with the SpaceBakery project.

Legal services

Machine learning is the ideal technology to automate routine tasks, convert large amounts of data into insightful information, and make objective and consistent decisions. Many organizations use business intelligence tools to support their business. Much more can be gained by integrating custom machine learning algorithms built using internal data.

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