Former MP Peter Dedecker joins the team

ML2Grow is a spin-off from UGent and IMEC and develops Machine Learning (ML) applications for companies to bring automatisation to a higher level. The startup develops customised computer programs for its customers, such as an application to automatically identify customers who are susceptible to switching to a competitor (“churn prediction”). A number of shipping organizations predict arrival times smarter with software built by ML2Grow.

Peter Dedecker obtained a degree in civil engineering in computer sciences at UGent in 2006. At the same university, he followed a postgraduate big data in 2018. After his studies, Dedecker started working at UGent and Hogeschool Gent as a researcher. He ended his academic career in 2010 when he was elected as a member of the Belgian federal parliament.

As a former researcher at UGent, spin-off ML2Grow feels like coming home,” says Dedecker. “In addition, Artificial Intelligence is the technology of the future. There is a great opportunity for companies in all possible sectors to work more efficiently and smarter. With ML2Grow, I will convince them of the many benefits of automation and machine learning.

Joachim van der Herten


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