Bright Energy developed an AI-powered battery

With the start-up Bright Energy, brothers Sam and Arne and their sister Lisse Van Acker want to replace the polluting diesel generator on construction sites with a green battery that runs on artificial intelligence.

On construction sites, contractors use diesel generators because the grid connections are not strong enough to power large appliances such as cranes. Bright Energy wants to replace those polluting generators by placing a battery between the grid connection and the site. This not only provides sufficient power but also emits less CO2.

Currently, the technology is even more expensive than a diesel generator, but by using the battery thoughtfully and efficiently, it becomes an affordable alternative. The battery is a system of mobile and scalable battery blocks that can be linked to obtain a higher power and a higher capacity. In this way, the contractor always has the right amount of battery capacity on site.

To make the system as efficient as possible, Bright Energy uses artificial intelligence to charge the battery when the energy is cheap and to use it at peak efficiency.

For this, they turn to ML2Grow.

With artificial intelligence, the energy intake is fully geared to the user and space is kept free as a buffer for the electricity grid. For example, the battery is not only used during construction hours but also outside it.

The entire ML2Grow team was immediately enthusiastic to get started with that smart battery. The other side of the story – green energy – was also very appealing.

ML2Grow guides and supports Bright Energy based on years of experience to develop solutions in a different context.

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AI is not a technology that will solve everything in the way it is often misrepresented. NO, it is a new kind of tool that allow us to look at things with a fresh mind and tackle problems in our industries for which there was no good solution before. I am very proud that we can contribute to this story with ML2Grow.
—  Joeri Ruyssinck, CEO ML2Grow
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