Online info session tech scale-ups and the port

On March 10, Voka will give three promising tech companies a stage. During an interactive online session, they will explain their know-how based on relevant cases for port companies. Ml2Grow (AI), Pozyx (Tracking Software) and Sealution (Predictive Maintenance) each get 15 minutes to convince you of their added value for your company! You are completely up to date with the latest technological developments in less than an hour.

Detecting capacity problems in the future with Artificial Intelligence

The worldwide growth in shipping traffic is testing existing planning routines and systems in major trade hubs, such as the port of Antwerp. CVBA Brabo pilots and (un)moors ships in the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge. They collaborated with ML2Grow to develop advanced machine learning algorithms that predict future demand for their services.

Based on historical data, ML2GROW has built a predictive model that can estimate the number of tugs needed and the duration of each service for each hour of the day, taking into account the future arrival times and characteristics of incoming vessels. This results in a valuable forecast that helps Brabo ensure the continuity of their activities by anticipating future demands for their services on time. CVBA Brabo thus extended its planning horizon from 20 minutes to 8 hours.

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