How we solve your problem

  • Traditional
  • Machine Learning


  • slow
  • expensive
  • requires specialist
  • repetitive, dull, dangerous

Identify Data
& Data Science


Machine Learning


  • error prone
  • inflexible

Model &
New Data

Sub-optimal solution

  • biased
  • inaccurate
  • cannot adapt to changing conditions


Why work with us?

1 / We offer a unique tried and tested approach to AI problem solving

The importance of “NoAI”

We are problem solvers first, AI experts second. Sometimes a solution without AI is better suited for the problem.

Pragmatic & fast: Deployed in days/ weeks

We are hands-on, and capable to deliver working solutions quickly.

Focus on AI adoption

We understand the need for company-wide integration and adoption.

It's your solution

We charge no licenses, nor deliver black boxes, we build a solution for you and only you.

2 / We bring a team of top-notch experts

40 +

years of combined technical expertise

50 +

years of business consulting

3 / We leverage our strong track record of working with clients & partners of all sizes and sectors


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