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Let us clear some misconceptions

Let us show you that AI is not only important for large corporations and multinationals. Our solutions have accelerated the growth of SMEs in more than 12 different sectors.

  1. You don’t need a massive volume of data to create an impact with AI
    Any AI model requires – preferably a lot of – data to be modelled. In many cases today, this data isn’t available; therefore, we developed clever techniques to extract value from smaller datasets.
  2. Modelling an AI model isn’t expensive if you know the technical boundaries of AI. Artificial Intelligence has been hyped in the media leading to overly optimistic views. Yet not everything is already viable with AI. Some well-known AI models can be deployed in a few days!
  3. Lastly, AI is not another plug-and-play tool. AI requires a culture shift. Data becomes your most important asset to manage. Using AI means that you need to trust the data and the models.

We’ll advise you on embedding AI into your strategy to provide you with a competitive advantage. We will identify AI opportunities, clarify what is profitable and create powerful solutions that grow your business. We’ll innovate with you. We walk at your pace. Invest in what you need and when you need it with our flexible offerings tailored to your needs.


Value proposition

  • Discover the potential of data & AI for your business
  • Identify new AI opportunities and validate them via experiments
  • Develop a business case and future roadmap

A collaborative way of working

You know your business, we know technology. Together, we can accelerate value creation for your business through innovation. Bringing your ideas into reality is not an easy journey but we are here to help and guide you with every step along the way. Most of the SMEs have limited AI knowledge or don’t have the time or budget to experiment with AI. In this popular formula, our experts will guide you along the path from an idea to a profitable, impactful and integrated AI solution.

This is our service to inspire, identify and evaluate new opportunities propelled by ambitious SMEs. Our structured methodology and short cycles provide fast results to learn quickly with a limited budget. When something works, it can be iterated and scaled up to wider deployment. When it doesn’t work, it “failed fast” and the lessons learned can be incorporated into your future iterations. In the end, you will have saved time and budget as you would have learned these lessons traditionally only after few months instead of several weeks.

We look at AI through a ‘maker’s lens’. We also understand that experimenting and implementing AI is a whole company effort. We work closely with our clients from the board level to people on the front line to show them how to accelerate through the gears of AI transformation, with the aim of absorbing the lessons from cost-effective, easy-win experiments implemented quickly and inexpensively.

*Under certain conditions, this can be subsidized by the ‘KMO Portefeuille’.

Our job is to mitigate the risks and keep your innovation budget in check.
—  Ruben Delaet, Senior Data Engineer

Fully integrated AI modules

Upgrade your product, service or process with AI

Start delivering on your ideas. Do you have a problem that you think can be solved with AI? Our proposition is simple, we will start by identifying whether you need AI and if the idea is viable within 30 minutes. If we both believe it adds value, we will start to model your own AI model using your data while you can focus on running the day-to-day business. Of course, we don’t stop there, we will fully integrate it into your existing product, service or existing workflow. To do so we will construct and interface everything which is needed to deliver the proposed value. This can be migrating and deploying data infrastructures, developing novel data-flows or designing new user interfaces.

All created IP and knowledge is transferred meaning that you become the full owner of the developed solution.

For your organisation, there’s no machine-learning expertise required for either of these services. We develop modular blocks that are easy to interface. You don’t have to develop complex models, get the training data and label the data yourself. Everything will be tailored-made to your needs and explained.

No unnecessary license fees. No unnecessary hardware. Invest in what you need.
—  Thibault Vo, Head of Sales

ML2Grow doesn't just make prototypes; they implement the AI ​​in our production, in our sales, so that we can grow.
—  Bruno Derumeaux, Director Annabel Textiles
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