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AI Due Diligence

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand what AI can do and what it can’t do for your start-up
  • Remain future-proof with concrete technical recommendations and expert advice
  • Have a trusted technical partner at the table who will challenge your ideas and who wants to innovate together
  • Obtain an independent technical review by our AI experts to convince investors about the potential of your innovation
A first generation of students is graduating for who AI is just another technology that allows them to build their dreams.
—  Joeri Ruyssinck, CEO ML2Grow

When starting a new business there’s a lot to think about. Most likely data and AI is just small, although essential cog in the machine you are building.

How certain are you that you’re making the most of AI in your product or service offering? Have you thought about how robust the model is for sudden changes? Or how scalable your AI model is in the real world? Can your technology be easily replicated by potential competitors?

We understand that your AI model is at the heart of your business and must remain yours at all times. Allow us to be a critical, yet enthusiastic voice at the table. Our team of experts is at your service to evaluate and give technical recommendations to improve your AI model. At ML2Grow we walk at your pace and know how important flexibility is for you at this stage.

Home of AI

What is it?

  • The ‘Home of AI’ community pushes AI technology adoption in Flanders by offering an inspiring co-working space to innovative start-up companies, free-of-charge, where they can lay the foundations of successful AI products.
  • We offer you an opportunity to meet AI experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, these informal talks can lay the foundations of your future success. Just come over and share a desk at our “Home of AI”.
  • Events and talks are frequently organized to remain inspired by a fast-changing technology.

Who is it for?

Necessary requirements to apply are:

  • Your start-up is or will be using AI technology in its service/product offering.
  • Your start-up company has acquired or can demonstrate a clear plan or initiative to acquire the necessary funding to finance a go-to-market strategy (e.g. by procuring investments, loans or innovation/development subsidies).
  • The start-up is not aiming to be a direct competitor of ML2Grow

Is it really free?

Yes, everything from coffee to internet access is offered free of charge to our community. We provide you with a worry-free place to bring your ideas to their maximum potential. In return, we ask you to be an active member of the community. The Home of AI community requires the initiative of its members to create value and increase awareness.

Interested to join?

Have a look at the Home of AI website for more information and feel free to contact us.

There was immediately a very friendly cooperation, very efficient communication, it was almost as if they were on our team.
—  Sam Van Acker, Founder Bright Energy
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