Thibault Vo joins the team

ML2Grow keeps growing, we are pleased to welcome Thibault to our team.

We are excited to announce a new member of the team.

Thibault is a 25 years old experienced sales wizard who lives in Ghent. As a client partner, he will be entirely devoted to bringing new clients on board and providing the best customer care.

His first experience began in South Africa working for an AgriTech scale-up in Cape Town. The company uses drones and AI to provide farmers with an opportunity to make more informed decisions. This allows for a more integrated approach to crop protection and farm management.

When he returned to Belgium, he bolstered his sales skills working at a competitive family firm selling industrial boilers.

“We don’t think about it, but today it is impossible to imagine our lives without AI. For many, it still seems like something from a science-fiction novel. At ML2Grow I immediately felt that they were looking beyond the hype and wanted to make an impact with realistic and feasible projects. This motivated me enormously to share this vision with others. A future that I would like to contribute to.” – Thibault Vo


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