5 reasons to join our team as a senior ML engineer

Hey there, you clicked on our post. Why is that? Are you not being challenged? Did your work packaging become repetitive and boring?

No? Okay, there can be many other reasons.

Let’s focus on five reasons why ML2Grow would be a good fit for you.

1. We offer you the flexibility you need in the modern world

Modern life can be complicated, and we acknowledge and respect that. ML2Grow will not micromanage your work schedule. Did your morning not go as planned? Do you need to be somewhere in the early evening?

We give you the responsibility to organize your day such that you can work without rushing and stress introduced by the clock. We know this allows us to work better as a team and create more value for our clients.

I often carpool to work with non-colleagues. I can do this because of the flexibility to plan my own work. This makes my commute and workday much more enjoyable.
—  Ruben Delaet, Data Engineer

2. You’ll have a lot of decision-making power and responsibility

As a growing start-up, you will not be just another employee. You’ll have a genuine impact on our team.

We will give you the tools and the freedom to shape your team and tackle problems together. Our philosophy is to involve everyone in many aspects of the company. We are building it together, and we all share the same passion.

At ML2Grow, you will also have plenty of opportunities to learn new things and get the time and trust to try out new things and keep challenging yourself.

3. We work on the most challenging projects

We like it complex. Most of the time, our projects do not require your average one-size-fits-all solutions. With our expertise, we head-on to some of the most challenging cases in machine learning. But with high risks come high rewards; the personal fulfilment of delivering the project as intended and making the client happy is second to none here.

Our clients range from start-ups, SMEs & multinationals. Every project requires novel machine learning technology and is a great learning experience for our junior team members and a challenge to hone the skills of our most senior personnel.

At ML2Grow, you are served difficult challenges, but you also receive a lot support from your colleagues to tackle them.
—  Greg Scheirlinckx, Data Scientist

4. Our office has an AAA-location

You can find our office close to the train station in Ghent. We have parking available for cars, and there is plenty of space to park your bike. The office is exceptionally well located in Ghent if you come by car, train or bike. So you will have plenty of options and no stress in commuting to work.

5. We do a lot of fun things

Achieving a positive impact with artificial intelligence is not the only thing we do at ML2Grow. We also like to have fun, serious fun.

Forget about uninspiring teambuilding events such as cocktail workshops and cooking lessons, …

We instead take a plane and go to Mallorca or Sicily and do exciting things with our team so that we can learn from each other on a personal level.

We offer plenty of laughs and partying because life is already challenging enough. We work hard, but it’s also important to relax sometimes.

Join us in our quest to help businesses harness the true potential of AI technology.


What appeals to me about a start-up is that you can see the company evolve. With growth, come new challenges which we tackle together.
—  Julie Derumeaux, Data Science Lead
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