Implementing computer vision at Annabel Textiles


Annabel Textiles is a family business established in 1970 and has since become an international player in the high-quality fabrics market. It designs and weaves fabrics for the Belgian market and exports its products worldwide. It also imports fabrics from Asia, which it distributes and finishes.

The problem

Due to a large number of designs in its collection, the company was spending excessive amounts of time on manual quality inspections to compare fabrics with standard samples. As its designs and samples were always changing, the company had difficulty providing its sales team with the latest designs in the range. The company also needed a simple way of presenting its fabrics to customers instead of carrying around a heavy case with every single sample.

Our solution

We installed a camera to take high-resolution images of each sample that we used in a digital catalogue. We created an AI model to accurately label fabrics according to their properties, such as their colour and pattern. Now the samples no longer need to be checked manually. The company can now automatically compare fabrics against standard samples using an AI model, which increases the efficiency of operators.

How we added value

Greater speed and efficiency – operators can work more quickly and automatically detect weaving flaws.

Fewer returned products – the fabrics are checked more thoroughly for defects.

Improved operator job satisfaction –  by fully or partially automating repetitive tasks


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