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The START AI initiative aims to support companies in their intention to explore AI applications by valorising their data.

If your company is eligible, ML2Grow will guide your company for three days to explore the possibilities of AI/data to identify the most relevant applications for your organisation.

Together with our team:

  • Evaluate the value of the available company data (internal & external)
  • Identify if there are relevant AI/data projects within your business context
  • Determine which stakeholders and experts to involve in your potential projects
  • Get tips & tricks with which you can better estimate the added value of your possible AI projects
  • Map the next steps in your AI journey

ML2Grow’s services will cover three days and include preparation, analysis and reporting, and participation in meetings (onsite or remote). These services will be provided over a maximum of 4 months (between the beginning of June and the end of September 2022).

The intervention of ML2Grow could lead to the conclusion that AI applications are not relevant for the participating company. In this case, the guidance will mainly focus on coherent data management to promote potential data projects.

Who can participate?

Any SME (max. 250 employees), organisation or association, starting or established, regardless of its digital maturity or sector.


The cost for participation is €1625 excl. VAT

This corresponds to 30% of the fair value of the guidance.

Are you interested in participating?

Contact our team before the 15th of May if you are interested in this offer.

We will happily answer all of your questions and support the application procedure.



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Trendify develops AI-powered media monitoring tools for optimising editorial workflows. These tools enable journalists to collect information from digital data streams, such as online articles and comments, blogs and social media feeds.

The problem

News audiences prioritise the quality of information and value trustworthy, in-depth journalism. While news brands and publishers focus on quality and consolidate their position in the market, they face the challenge of the rapid flow of information in social and digital media. More specifically, journalists and editors have the difficult task of deciding which trending content and opinions they want to write about. Researching this information is a time-consuming task for journalists as they often spend many hours collecting and analysing large amounts of information that is linked to underlying contexts.

Our solution

We created a tool that streamlines the media monitoring process and enables journalists to link trending content to broader trends. This enables more nuanced, in-depth journalistic pieces that also take into account a wide range of opinions and information sources.

How we added value

  • Enabled journalists to pinpoint trending content – such as articles, videos and tweets with high reader engagement
  • Facilitated the identification of underlying themes in similar time periods that connect to trending content
  • Helped journalists understand the alignment of opinions in these content pieces



TRENDIFY will optimize newsroom workflows and news quality by developing a suite of AI-driven media monitoring software tools, enabling journalists to mine and synthesize highly relevant information from digital data streams.
—  Nick Dutry, Project Lead Trendify


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