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In this brochure, we would like to talk to you about the most promising AI technologies in 2022. These technologies have been around for a little while but are now sufficiently mature to be considered value-enabling technologies



Over the years, changes to supply chains have impacted production and organisation within companies. This is an area where AI offers more benefits for demand forecasting than manual methods. It allows companies to increase the efficiency of their stock management, production planning, logistics and procurement of raw materials.

Computer vision

Another practical use of AI technology is computer vision. Powerful hardware, cameras and AI algorithms are already being deployed in the industry to automate inspections and other repetitive tasks. The only commercially available products were targeted at generic problems in the past. Now it is possible to build a flexible AI model tailored to your specific needs at a much lower cost.


Computers are also getting better at understanding spoken and written language thanks to innovations in Natural Language Processing. With the latest AI algorithms, computers can understand the context in which words appear. This boosts the power of search engines and makes it possible to automate administrative processes extensively.


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